Infant Motor Profile

The study

Assessment of motor dysfunction in young children is still in its infancy. This is regrettable as a sensitive, reliable and valid instrument is a prerequisite for monitoring motor development in high risk infants and for early detection of infants with developmental motor disorders. Recently a video-based assessment of motor behaviour of infants aged 3 to 18 months, the Infant Motor Profile (IMP), has been developed. The IMP is based on ideas of the Neuronal Group Selection Theory. Reliability, and construct and concurrent validity are good. The IMPs capacity to predict cerebral palsy is promising.

We currently assess

Research on the Infant Motor Profile (IMP) focuses on
- on further investigation of the predictive properties of the IMP
- creation of norms (IMP-SINDA project)


Mijna Hadders-Algra, MD, PhD
Developmental Neurology, UMCG

Francien Geerds, MSc
De Kinderacademie, Groningen

Kirsten Heineman, MD, PhD

Developmental Neurology, UMCG 

Selma Ruiter, PhD
De Kinderacademie Groningen

Patricia van Iersel, PT, PhD
Developmental Neurology, UCMG

Ying-Chin Wu, PT, PhD
Developmental Neurology, UMCG

Key publications

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