tGeneral Movements (GMs) are the most frequently occurring spontaneous movements of the foetus and young infant. During the last few years is has been demonstrated that the quality of general movements is a powerful predictor of present and future brain dysfunction. The Training Course is an international post-graduate course for (neuro)pediatricians, neonatologists, child neurologists, physical therapists and researchers in the field of child development. During the course participants will learn how to assess general movements of young preterm and full-term infants. The Training Course will consist of lectures and self practice sessions during which video recordings of general movements of preterm and full-term infants will be scored.


  • To introduce to clinicians to the assessment of the quality of general movements(GMs). The assessment of the quality of GMs is a sensitive and non-invasive tool to evaluate neurological integrity in early infancy. The method has high predictive power to detect developmental impairments, including cerebral palsy, in high risk infants.
  • To provide information about the neurodevelopmental principles underlying GM-assessment.
  • To provide information on practicalities, psychometric properties, strengths and limitations of GM-assessment.

Learning Objectives

  • To gain knowledge about typical and atypical GMs
  • To gain knowledge about the technique of GM-assessment
  • To gain knowledge about the psychometric properties of  GM-assessment
  • To get practical experience in the assessment of the quality of GMs



January 21 and 22, 2019

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Info and registration:

Mw. Anneke Kracht
tel: 050 3614252
fax: 050 3619158
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  • Institute of  Developmental Neurology
    University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG)

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