Educational materials on the assessement of the quality of GMs

USB stick - GMWe developed a USB-stick with digital educational materials which summarizes the essentials of the assessment of the quality of General Movements (GMs).

The USB-stick contains:

  • information on normal GMs at various periods during early life with video-examples (preterm – writhing – fidgety)
  • information on normal and abnormal GMs, including two examples of each quality (normal-optimal, normal-suboptimal, mildly abnormal, definitely abnormal, including cramped-synchronized GMs) at the three age periods (i.e. 24 video-examples)
  • practical information on GM-assessment
  • 33 references to international papers on GMs (including 21 papers in pdf-format)
  • a ‘train yourself section’ with 10 video-clips at the three age periods (i.e. 30 self practice clips or 3 minutes) with feedback on assessment.


It should be noted that GM-assessment CAN NOT be learned on the basis of the educational materials only. Persons interested to learn the technique of GM-assessment first should attend a course on the assessment of General Movements. Courses are regularly offered in Groningen [link to courses] and Graz.

The USB-stick costs € 30.-  (+ € 5.- for administration and postal service).  It can be purchased by filling in the order form.  The order form will be automatically delivered to the Institute of Developmental Neurology.

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